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Our abbreviated Self Storage Terms & Conditions; workshop Terms & Conditions available on request.


So long as all fees are paid up to date, Storer: (a) is licensed to store Goods in the Unit/space allocated to Storer by Berkhamsted Self Storage (BSS) from time to time and only in that Unit/space; (b) is deemed to have knowledge of the Goods in the Unit/space; and (c) warrants that it is the owner of the Goods in the Unit/space and/or entitled at law to deal with them in accordance with all aspects of the Agreement as agent for the owner.


BSS: (a) does not have and will not be deemed to have knowledge of the Goods; (b) is not a bailee or a custodian nor a warehouseman of the Goods and Storer acknowledges that BSS does not take possession of the Goods; and (c) does not grant any lease or tenancy of the Unit.

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